New hair – don’t care!

Do you ever force your hairdresser into doing things they don’t want to do?

I just did – Thankfully she’s one of my very best friends so will forgive me in time but she really didn’t want to give me the cut I was asking for! With me going away for so long I really wanted to get a lot of volume and weight taken from my hair, and quite a bit of length too! Sarah is the most amazing hairdresser and she works at Pattersons in Edinburgh which is such a hip salon and it’s dog friendly too! A-may-zing!

Sarah really didn’t want to cut in so many layers, my hair is curly and unpredictable so so wasn’t sure I’d be able to manage it with out a lot of styling. I also wanted my bangs cutting uber short, so wouldn’t run the risk of me taking a pair of kitchen scissors to them midway through the trip. So my hair is super thinned out and my bangs are super short now – what do you think?


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