Home for the next two months is going to be a little different to Northumberland. I’m taking my mum on an adventure this winter and we’ll be staying in a small village at the root of the Tramontana Mountain Range in Mallorca. It’s a UNICEF World Heritage site and having had sometime to explore and mooch around a little now it’s easy to see why. The village it’s self has been here since the 12th century, and there are still buildings, viaducts and more that were built all that time ago by the Moors, explorers from Tunisian Empire – yes Tunisia that tiny country once ruled an empire! The streets are winding and narrow, lots of corners need to be done slowly and over a few “points” when you’re driving, which for interesting outings in my right-hand drive mini.

Just behind the village there are two mountains, they look like giant fossilised tree stumps to me but I love a bit of evolutionary conspiracy. At the top of the mountain (mud fossil) nearest to the village there is a ruined castle and hermitage which can only be accessed by the hour and a half hike to the top, so all the goods needed at the hermitage are transported there by mule. It’s a hike and the views are insanely beautiful especially if you get a day with some low lying clouds hanging out in the valleys between the mountains. You can stay at the hermitage for €25 dinner, bed & breakfast not bad for those views! I’m tempered to hike up and stay over to watch a sunset and catch a sunrise but I’ll have to find a dog sitter for Cal if I do as although dogs are allowed in the grounds at the top on leads, they don’t allow them to stay over at night. Boo hiss.


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