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Christmas in the sunshine

I’ve done christmas in a hot country before, a few times actually in Brazil but it never felt right. I guess thats because I was far from family and thats what christmas has always been about for me – spending time with family and loved ones. I remember spending a christmas with my Brazilian at the time boyfriend’s family and it was the worst ever! His family were never really my biggest fans and the we were spending Christmas Day at their family run beach bar while it was open to the public, so it was never going to be amazing. I remember eating fried fish and rice for lunch sitting at a blue plastic beer branded table with his sister scowling wondering WTF I was doing there and why was I not with my family… needless to say the relationship didn’t last until the summer.

This year is different. I’ve got my mum for company and the sunshine to keep us smiling! For mum it’s the first time in her life she’s not spent Christmas in the UK and the first time in my lifetime thats she’s been apart from our family and my brother and sister. My sister and family have a new home in Kendal and they wanted to spend their first Christmas there, and my brother opens his pub on Christmas Day for a few hours and then will have lunch with his wife’s family so they’re not too miffed about me stealing mum and us not being around this year. Cal as you can tell is over the moon with the decision to have winter sunshine.

We’re planning to eat lots of vegetables and go for a walk on Christmas Day, all very relaxed and chilled. We didn’t even bother with presents, well I got mum some of her fave chocolates and my aunty – mums sister has given us each a book. So we will light the fire and curl up to read our respective gifts.

Merry Chritsmas! xoxo

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