GKA SuperFoil Brazil 2020

SuperFoil Brazil 2020 – The first GKA Kitefoil event and first GWA WingFoil event ever!

2020 has been a bit of a damp squib when it comes to international travel and making plans for the future. I don’t think any of us expected thing to go as they have done, or for our lives to have been put on hold for as long as they have. I’m as surprised as anyone that the GKA and GWA have managed to organise an international sporting event in the last quarter of the year, but they have, and it’s been and incredible experience.

We’ve been in Fortaleza the business capital of Ceara, a tropical metropolis, fringed by blue waters and blessed with trade winds. It’s not your average kitesurfing destination and if I’m complete honest I was skeptical about the location of the event, having lived near this city for a decade, I’d never once kited at the beach chosen for the event.

I’d need not have worried, the SuperKite team have been organising events in the region since 2003 and hosting one in their home city was Childs play to their experienced team. The setup and infrastructure were spot on and the organisation left nothing un catered for.

This was the first Hydrofoil event for the GKA and the first ever GWA event in Brazil. Two world firsts in Fortaleza!

The athletes were as pleased as we were at being on tour, they’ve understandably missed the kite community and competing. It’s such a great feeling to be back amongst people that think like you do, and share the same passions, after being locked down for so many months, with chances of international travel looking slim.

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