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Over the years what I eat has changed dramatically. It used to be that I ate whatever was around, not really taking any notice the nutritional value that it was giving me in return. Then four years ago something happened that slowly changed but surely changed almost every aspect of my life.It was like any other Thursday in Brazil. A day spent kiting and writing. As the sun began to set my dogs started their habitual pacing, knowing now it was time to close the laptop for the day and head to the beach for the evening run. Off went along the beach and up back through the rolling dunes near my house. It was a lovely peaceful evening as usual so I opened all the terrace doors and nipped into the shower, a cold one was needed after the equatorial heat, even running at sundown was a sweaty affair.

That evening I sat in my bedroom uploading the footage from the previous days filming, we were putting together something for caneloff a Brazilian TV channel and deadline was approaching. My dogs started barking suddenly and I jumped up to look out into the garden below, just in time to see the shadows of two people running away from my house. I started yelling “Robbery. Break in. Thieves” and turned to go downs stairs to see what had been taken. As I turned to leave my bedroom there was a masked man an arms length away, I’d turned just intimidating to see him before he grabbed me. My instant reaction was to shove him as hard as I could away from me. There was a moments shocked pause from him before we both lunged at each other again. Punching and kicking. I started to pass out from the force of the blows, I couldn’t see for the blood that was pouring down my forehead. I remember thinking very clearly, its better to stop and submit that pass out with this violent man. So I started to put my hands up and say “Ok ok, I’ll stop” I looked up to see his viably shaken at the force of the fight I’d just put up. Then he raised his hand and I saw the reason why I was bleeding so much. He had been hitting me with a gun. He pointed it now into my face, I could see the bullets in the chamber. He looked at me with black dead eyes “You won’t hit me again, if you do I’ll kill you. You won’t tell them it’s me Kate. I’ll come back and kill you” Thats when I realised I knew my attacker. Fast forward a few years and that one night changed so many things, so even for the better. I started taking much better care of myself and eating properly and I guess that is where my interest in nutrition really began.

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