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Winter Sunshine


For me and so many people winter can be such a drag. Those long dark days, and the “tough it out” or “suck it up” and get on with it attitude, but you know what. Damp cold weather just isn’t for everyone. After living 10 years in equatorial Brazil I know that winter months can actually be quite amazing.

Since moving back to the UK winters have been pretty lonely and miserable for me. My boyfriend works away a lot throughout the year but in winter he spends almost two months in Cape Town. Leaving me wondering what the hell I’m doing in a freezing cold, rural market town on my own.


This winter I decided enough was enough. We make our own happiness and our choices reflect that. I wasn’t going to hang around cold and lonely, dog walking with teary eyes (is that from the stinging cold or loneliness?) I’d be somewhere that I’d be happy to be on my own.

As it turns out I’m not on my own. I’ve brought my little dog Calabresa AND my mum along for the ride. Cal was always going to come but when I thought my mum had a bit of interest in the adventure I asked her if she’d like to come along and she jumped at the chance. Which is lovely as I’ve really not spent all that much time with her in the last years. She’s been around so much and been helping me with starting and and running the cafes, but quality time just hanging out together hasn’t really happened yet. Then before that I was in Brazil for over a decade so we only saw each other on trips home. So this will be fun. Almost two months just the two (three) of us!

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